Price is determined by the size, medium, and number of people in the portrait. Prices listed are for one subject:


Size Pastel Oil
12″ x 16″ Head and shoulders $400 $750
16″ x 20″ Head and shoulders $550 $1100
20″ x 24″ Head and shoulders $750 $1500
24″ x 30″ Half figure with hands $1000 $2000
30″ x 36″ Three-quarter figure    with hands N/A $2850
32″ x 40″ Three-quarter figure    (life size) N/A $3500
40″ x 72″ Full length (life-size) N/A $4500 & up
Prices are listed for one subject. Additional subjects are charged at 2/3 the price of the first. Special backgrounds, military uniforms or other unusually detailed work may involve extra cost. Listed prices do not include framing which is available from the artist. State and local taxes will be added where applicable.
Terms: One-third is payable upon completion of the color study and photographs. The second third is due when the preliminary sketch is approved, and the final third is due when the portrait is delivered.
Note: If you are unsure what your portrait will cost, or are on a budget, I may be able to suggest alternatives. Please talk to me about your individual situation.


Size Pastel Oil
16″ x 20″ Head and neck $600 $1100
20″x 24″  Head and neck $750 $1500
24″ x 30″ Full body $1500 + up $2500 + up

Dogs and Cats

Due to their unpredictable nature, the artist will make pastel or oil portraits of your pets from your photographs only. Clear, larger images are preferred, especially for oils, but snapshots can also be used  and they do not need to be perfect. Adjustments can be made for collars, tags, backgrounds, coloring and even floppy or backward ears. Please call or email to discuss your own situation.
Size Pastel Oil
8″ x 10″  Head and chest $195 $300
12″ x 16″  Head and chest $250 $500
16″ x 20″  Head and chest $300 $750
20″ x 24″  Full body $500 + up $1100 + up
Modest extra charge for specific backgrounds.