“The portrait could not have been more life-like and captured the essence of this remarkable young man who was taken from us so tragically…”
        Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff
        Los Angeles County

“There are no words to tell you what this painting of Earl means to us. When we brought it home from the funeral we did not know if we would be able to look upon it for a while. However, we hung it in the center of our home and it has been a comfort that words cannot convey. Your gift is surely God-given, as the painting is so very much more Earl than the picture you painted from….”
        Bill and Terrie Scott
        Parents of Earl Scott, CHP

“Despite never having met him, you managed to capture perfectly not only his appearance but also his personality: the twinkle in his fun-loving eyes, the kindness of his easy smile….Our daughters, aged only 7 and 9, continue to be amazed how the ‘painting looks just like Daddy.’ What they do not understand is that your portrait will help keep his memory alive for them even as passing time works hard to fade it from their young minds.”
        Michelle R. Walker
       Widow of Lt. Michael Walker, CHP

“On the day of the wake it was placed near him and I would never have made it through that day , if it weren’t for the portrait.”
        Deborah Francis
      Widow, P.O. Richard Francis, C.P.D.

“The loss of Deputy Ron Ives was heartbreaking to us and we were comforted by your generous gift. It is these acts of kindness that got us through one of our darkest times.”
        Captain Pete Ortiz 
      Rancho Cucamonga Police Department

“Thank you so much for the beautiful portrait of Alex. Words cannot express our appreciation for this incredible gift….You captured his true essence perfectly in this portrait….
           The Valadez family