The Art of Silhouette




Few people realize what a wealth of detail exists in a well executed silhouette. Cassidy cuts hers from life in the traditional way, using special folded paper and scissors only, without preliminary drawing, shadow tracing or digital manipulation. Each silhouette is hand-mounted with special glue on 5”x 7” art boards, ready to be framed or placed in your scrapbook as an heirloom to last for generations. Cassidy also has special black oval frames for sale, made just for these silhouettes.

When her schedule allows, Cassidy goes to children’s boutiques and toy stores creating classic hand-cut silhouette portraits of remarkable warmth and detail in just minutes.  Since she can cut any age child, many parents bring their littlest children too – even babies. There is no better gift for moms and grandparents than a custom, hand-crafted work of art of their little ones — especially when the cost is so reasonable! (Please call or email for current prices.) You might also like a silhouette of yourself and your spouse. While she does not do double silhouettes, she can paste each individual shadow portrait so you will face each other. Cassidy can also cut a silhouette of your dog, cat or other pet. Just email or bring a profile photograph facing right to one of her events (on the phone is acceptable).

Cassidy is also available for fundraisers and private parties in the greater Chicagoland area. Add her to your next event to give it that special touch! Whether you are planning a mitzvah, wedding, birthday party, anniversary party, grad night, father-daughter dance, quinceanera, baby shower or French market, your guests will have a great time watching her create these unique mementos with nothing but her eyes and a pair of scissors. These truly are party favors that will be kept and cherished for years!


Nov 3-4: Geppetto’s Toy Box, 730 Lake St, Oak Park. Call 708-445-9906 for appointments.

Nov 10: Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, 21540 W. Field Pkwy in Deer Park. Call 847-438-8300 for appointments.

Nov 11: Beat Street Toys & Gifts, 70 S. Evergreen Ave, Arlington Heights. Call 847-7493045 for appointments.

Nov 17-18: Gingerbread House Toys, 915 E/ Washington Ste. 3, Bloomington. Call 309-827-8811.

Nov 30-Dec 2: Elawa Farms Holiday Market, Lake Forest, IL. See their website for appointments:

Dec. 8-9-10: Building Blocks Toys, 3306 N Lincoln, Lakeview, Chicago. See for special events information and appointments.

Dec 14-15: Building Blocks Toys, 2130 W Division, Wicker Park, Chicago……… See for special events information and appointments.

Please remember to come a bit early for your appointment, but due to the nature of live events, it is not always possible to keep right on time. WALK-INS ARE WELCOME! You may or may not get a spot, but many times you can, as not everyone makes their appointments.

YES I CAN DO SILHOUETTES OF ANIMALS!  Simply email or bring in a profile photo facing right (phones okay).

           *Don’t miss the opportunity to see what your child looks like in silhouette!*

Please call or email Cassidy for availability and pricing: 630-859-3551 To view more of Cassidy’s silhouettes, go to